15 January 2012

The Humble Green Scarf

Many women do not believe the scarves as a fashion accessory. They are really a very handy piece of equipment to have about as they can be a perfect match for any outfit. They look absolutely wonderful teamed with blouses, shirts, dresses and t-shirts. You have to admit that the French are extremely ingenious in their use of scarves and this is evident in the variety of scarves worn by them.

There are a whole range of shapes and sizes of scarves and many different uses for them. Long gone are the days when scarves were worn simply as scarves. In the event that you wear, say, a green scarf, it can make a difference to your style of dress. Most scarves these days come with many styles but you can also find other solid color also.

Do not be surprised by the huge difference that can be produced on your outfit by using a green, a silk scarf. Imagine how addictive will appear in a white shirt with a green scarf tied around his neck. It will give you an instant look smart when you wear it with jeans. It could be extremely useful as an accessory to help keep your hair in place or as a component of your dress in fashion.

As mentioned earlier, you will instantly appear intelligent. Be bold enough to select any color, vivid green. You might think they are bright but since most of the scarves are not very large, it would be a perfect color. When the scarves are not too big, they look great in bright colors.

However, large scarves can also appear if they are spectacular in the right hue. Try folding a large square scarf diagonally and attach each end under your arm back. You must ensure that the knot at the back is very tight and the finish of a triangle is long enough to be returned under the belly. Wear a suit with beige or cream, and you have an obligation to work is an instant winner.

For casual clothes, roll up your scarf and use it as a belt for your dress shirt or your jeans. Green will add the blaze of color needed to make the impression needed to your outfit. One additional thing you can do with scarves is to braid two different shades of green scarves together and join in the extremities. If you then just hang it around your neck you end up having a nice necklace to match your t-shirt.

What you can do with your scarf is really great to make a tote. You can download the easy instructions from the Internet and by folding and securing the scarf in the right places, you can make your own tote. Many people will certainly be attracted by the design of your own creation of a catch-all because it will stand out immediately when matched to the right place. Colors like green, especially bold, bright greens and lime green function nicely as they give the most 'pop' of color.

Do not think that you only have to wear shades of the same exact color to be able to look in a great place. Fair enough, when you contrast of colors, not only will you dress appropriately, but also beautifully. You can usually put your creativity to work and to find innovative ways to use your green scarf.