15 January 2012

Simple Ways Of Preventing Hair Loss

The reason behind hair loss can be numerous, such as pollution, food, mineral deficiency, genetics, medicine, etc. But the thing is that prevention is better than cure. So let us take a look at some measures to prevent the problem in the first place.
Take care of your hair
If you like to see you with beautiful hair, it is essential that you take care of them. First, make sure you have not submitted to the hair dryer very often. Also limit the use if the brushes or hot straightening etc. Remember, repeated exposure to heat could even make your hair healthy and ultimately lead to brittle fracture.
Also be a little careful while dyeing the hair and make sure you do not repeat the process as early as 8 weeks (gray hair is certainly better than no hair!). Also make sure that the style you choose for your hair is not stressing them too much because this can cause problems in the long run.
Regularly wash the braids but with a mild shampoo
Wash your hair means to keep clean (and do not forget the scalp). This will keep your hair free of infections (which are a major cause of hair loss). But you must make sure that the shampoo you use is very light (and remember to clean hair will also add volume to your hair!). Although once you have washed your hair, make a rule to avoid brush when wet (and it is important to use a comb, use the wide tooth). In fact unless you paint the better! Also make sure you do not use a towel vigorously as this can lead to rupture, rather dry.
Keep a check on these levels
Stress is no doubt done much harm to your entire body, the hair is no exception. In fact if you take too much stress, you're sure to lose your precious hair. Also have a good sleep to be preferred. Exercise also helps because it is supposed to be a very good stress buster. And since this will reduce stress, it will help prevent hair loss. Certainly if you do then you need not worry about things like, make your hair grow faster (because you will find solution to a problem, and there is no problem, then it should not be a solution !).
Be sensitive to these foods in your mouth
What you put in your mouth has a direct effect on the health of hair. The reason is simple, having nutritious food means having a healthy body and a healthy body will certainly healthier hair. In fact, if you are already facing problems with your hair, have nutritious food can solve all your problems. So make sure your diet has enough iron, protein, vitamin C, omega-3 fatty acids, biotin and zinc. Also make sure that you avoid foods that may promote hair loss. Such foods include liquid very low calorie diet etc.
Although you should try your best to prevent hair loss, but if confirmed, do not take lightly and consider treatment at the right time. The results of treatment will depend largely on the merits of your case and also the personal needs as appropriate.
Treatment may include also the only drugs or, in some cases this may mean a hair transplant. You can also opt for laser treatment. But the question is that once the problem is confirmed, you should not be taken lightly and take action as soon as possible. Treatment at the right time can prevent a further aggravation of the problem and can help you.