15 January 2012

Six Symptoms on Feet May Be Signs of the Disease

If we do not protect our feet, we may be unable to move. Therefore, we must protect our feet. So how to find the risk of disease? Experts point out that when there are signs on the feet, we must be vigilant if it is caused by a disease. The following summarizes the top six feet of your symptoms.
The first symptom is leg cramps. When we sleep, we still have leg cramps. At this point, we should increase the intake of calcium, potassium and magnesium. At the same time, we can massage the painful area, and can also use a cold compress. To prevent cramps, we can extend our feet before going to sleep and drink a cup of warm milk.
The second symptom is feet are numb, which is mainly caused by the feet to keep a position for a long time. In general, this symptom will disappear by itself, but if it lasts longer or repeated attacks, it may be numbness disease caused by the disease such as vasculitis, thrombosis, etc., we should pay attention to it.
The third symptom is that the heel is painful. Most heel pain is due to inflammation caused by ligaments, and inappropriate footwear are the main reason. Long wear too soft or too thin, or shoes that are too hard, it will go wrong. In addition, more fat people are easy to show heel pain. Experts point out that to protect the heel as well, first choose the right shoes. Our shoes should match, and we'd better wear thin soles of shoes less.
The fourth symptom is that the foot is painful. When you're walking, standing or pressing, the joint of the thumb and the foot is painful, but no swelling, it may be damage of the muscles of the foot. We can use hot water at the foot plunge. So if there is no reason for foot pain, and thirst, frequent urination, hunger, easy weight loss and other symptoms, you should consider if you get diabetes.
The fifth symptom is that your nails are thick and yellowed. It is usually caused by a fungal infection, and people are unconscious, but this infection quickly spread to all toenails, leading to an unpleasant taste, even become darker in color. The experts said, as the nails net, indicating that athlete's foot infects, but if only the nails thick, it can be damaged toes.
The last symptom is that the swollen feet. In addition to long-standing, sitting or squatting causing swelling of the feet, and the female menstruation, pregnancy is swollen, the swelling of the feet may be unexplained heart disease, endocrine disease and symptoms of other diseases.