29 February 2012

3 Changes You Can Make Now to Stop Cancer

You have just been diagnosed with the big "C", cancer, and want to do as much as you can to make sure it does not spread. You do not want it deteriorates, and want to make choices that will provide other treatments as effective as possible while reducing your risk to return once he is gone. Fortunately, there are three relatively easy ways to help you achieve these goals.

1. Regular Check-up

The first is to get regular checkups. This can help ensure that you catch a cancer that shows up early, and may keep the existing cancers monitored. Your doctor may prescribe regular tests to make sure you're healthy and cancer free. Neglect doctor visits may allow cancer to be felt and not be detected until the chances of recovery are much lower.

2. Change your diet

The second is to change your eating habits. Eating junk food, processed foods, fast food, red meat and foods high in bad fats and cholesterol will increase your risk of cancer. Eat less of these items will increase your chances of staying healthy. Changing your diet to be rich in lean protein, nuts, healthy fats, whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables is the best change you can do. Diet plays an important role in how our body can defend itself and heal itself. A car of low quality gas and oil put in it will not be executed, and maintained a similar car with premium products. Your body is like.

3. Bad habits and stress

The third is to change your habits. Smoking, drinking and stress can be very detrimental to your fight against cancer. Smoking damages the cells and healthy organs, healthy and reduces the oxygen flowing to your heart and in your body. This reduces the body's ability to defend themselves against intruders including other cancer, and may even cause cancer on its own initiative. You can stop smoking with the help of programs or acupuncture.

Drinking can damage the liver and kidneys causing them to not function properly. These two bodies are essential for filtering waste from the body. An accumulation of waste is also taxing on your body and increases your chances of losing the fight against cancer. Reduce alcohol consumption as much as you can, preferably down to one serving every 2-3 days.

Constant stress of a job or family problems can lead to mental and physical health. This is because taxes stress the body and further reduced its ability to fight against cancer. Stress can be easily managed through exercise, prayer, yoga, meditation and relaxation.