29 February 2012

Affected by Cancer

There is some point in your life when you know someone or you are personally affected by cancer. Everyone reacts different to the disease. Some people get angry, some people sigh at what to expect. But everyone must accept that a positive attitude is what helps you heal.

This is some place in your heart, you are so that you share with so many other cancer survivors. A word, a thought or an act of kindness can go so far. Other survivors know the right thing to say, the right questions to ask your doctors and so on. They are really a boon to so many.

If you are touched by cancer, it will test your faith, it will test your belief system, it will make you ask questions you do not have answers. It's not on the diet of different methods of treatment prescribed by your doctor. This is the connection of a survivor to another. It is not waiting for the scientist to find a cure. This is a cast of people in the masses, to be as one, for a common goal, to be healed.

Cancer is much more than running tests or chemo or radiotherapy. These are all people you meet, surgeons, doctors and team of professionals along the way. I cherish not only their knowledge but their ability to understand and compassion. More importantly, I cherish more survivors because they know the real ups and downs. They include the effects of toxic drugs that are pumped into your system. Survivors know all about your good days and your bad days. Above all, they know the celebration when you beat.

People react differently to the word cancer. Some people will rush to your aid, others treat it like it is a kind of contagious disease. You will not hear these people until you feel much better. This is the time of your life when you discover who your real friends and family are. If it is very important for you to know that there are people who do not want to hurt you and they do not visit, because it hurts to see you like that. Some people can not accept the word cancer, but there is a link with other cancer survivors.