29 February 2012

Recover Faster From Cancer Removal Surgery

Patients preparing for surgery removing cancer or any major surgery, nutritional status and stress response of the person at the surgery are two major factors effecting the results. Both poor nutrition and stress response after surgery in an immune deficiency which slows healing and increases post-operative infections, delaying recovery and leading to prolonged length of stay in hospital. Thereafter, oral supplements containing nutrients immune modulators such as arginine, glutamine, protein and antioxidants, it is recommended perioperatively for patients undergoing cancer surgery and removal of severe trauma.

When your body tries to heal a wound, either from a pressure ulcer or bed ill, or radiation or surgery, you need more protein than you can get from a day typical intake, especially if you do not want to eat. Besides that, injury is added to the amount of inflammation in your body already knows. This high level of systemic inflammation, throughout the whole body not only changes the way your body uses nutrients, but also acts as a barrier to recovery.

For surgical wounds cancer removal and sores that do not heal, the body needs specific nutrients that provide the most protein and nitrogen to support your healing with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory nutrients special to reduce inflammation. These extra nutrients are clinically proven to promote wound healing and prevent and correct deficiencies associated with chronic wounds and draining heavily.

Studies show that the stress response to surgery increases the use of proteins and amino acids, arginine and glutamine. Both arginine and glutamine become essential nutrients, because the depletion of certain conditions occurs from the stress of surgery. During periods of stress, muscle tissue is broken down to meet the increased demand for arginine and glutamine, but a deficiency occurs both nutrients and supplementation is still needed.

Glutamine acts as a fuel source for rapidly dividing cells such as those along the gastrointestinal tract and also regulates the antioxidant status and protein synthesis. Arginine is necessary for proper wound healing. Glutamine and arginine regulate the intestinal barrier function to defend against infection and also regulate both the inflammatory immune response.

Studies of patients undergoing surgical removal of cancer who were given supplements of immune modulation significantly reduced the risk of acquired infections, wound complications, and length of hospital stay. Nutrition experts recommend early clinical nutrition immune from 5-7 days before surgery and continuing for 5-7 days after surgery.