18 February 2012

Athletes Should Avoid the Black Market

The so-called black market has a long history in this country. Until people have a need or desire to purchase products or services, there was an underground economy where everything from food to plumbing is available at a discount and tax free. The black market is also frequently the source of illegal goods dubious products, smuggled copies of brand-name hardware, articles that are not carried in stores or modified versions of commercially available products. In general, athletes should avoid purchasing anything via the black market. When pursuing a career goal, the equipment can not be disputed the smartest decision. And it goes without saying that anyone who is training and cares about their health should avoid placing a substance in what they can not identify, or which was purchased from a supplier they can not vouch for.

For consumers, buying on the black market often offer more risks than gains. Vendors rarely guarantee what they sell and even if they do, what are the chances they'll still be there in case a customer has a problem?

A perfect example is the owner who obtains estimates to have electrical and plumbing systems improved in their home. When quotes from licensed contractors to return to $ 20,000 and require permits to be in place, they turn to the underground economy where they find someone advertising on Craigslist. For only $ 10 000 half what they were cited for use by licensed contractors, this guy will take care of that. He charges less because it takes cash, does not pay taxes and gets a "good deal" on supplies. The owner discovered afterwards that the work takes weeks longer than promised, the finish is poor, some of the appliances are of course used rattles and plumbing. Meanwhile, their money is gone, the merchant has changed his email address so the owner can not track him down and the insurance company is threatening to abandon the house of coverage since the work n ' was not done by a qualified and lack of permits.

Now imagine that instead of an owner having to deal with the consequences of a botched renovation, the scenario involves a competitive athlete, a bottle of unlabelled substance Dianabol supposed to be sold from the back of a van in a parking gym. The product is actually Dianabol? Is it 100 percent pure, or has been mixed with something else? What is the dosage strength should be a buyer? Where was it produced? By purchasing on the black market, the athlete has put himself in danger. The transaction itself is risky, because it is very likely involves an illegal activity, and any person using this product to their bodies and their health at risk. Buying steroids should not be any personal risk if the product purchased is pharmaceutical grade and purchased from a reputable retailer.

The purchase of sports equipment on the black market is another bad idea. This is a very profitable industry, dominated by multinational giants like Nike, Adidas and Reebok. Buy a new pair of designer shoes for one third of the retail price of a friend of a friend who nows a guy can save money and avoid sales tax, but there are catches. At this price, the shoes are almost certainly fakes or they stole. In any case, the buyer takes a risk. Rip-offs may look like the real thing, but what good is a brand logo if the shoes fall apart in the middle of a workout? If the shoes are stolen, the athlete's reputation could be damaged should they be taken with them. Anyway, they have no way to verify the legitimacy of the transaction.

Equipment and accessories are one thing, but it's nutritional supplements and performance enhancing drugs when all who are pushed to the limit should really think twice about turning to the black market. The body is a temple is a mantra repeated by many of these people, and the purchase of steroids for sale to someone in a locker room or a car is a gamble the health and performance that will totally to the against this idea. A much better choice is to order from the Web. This ensures the ability to purchase even discreet, but the added protection of being able to deal with a reputable dealer selling drugs to pharmaceutical quality, natural products and herbal supplements that are guaranteed to be high quality.