18 February 2012

Main Signs of Type 2 Diabetes

In diabetes, there may be a variation of symptoms depending on whether a person has diabetes type 1 or type 2 diabetes. Before diagnosis, the symptoms of type 2 diabetes in men are very evident. However, after treatment, there is blood sugar stabilization. More than once, these symptoms reduce or disappear.

Diagnose the symptoms of diabetes at earlier is very critical. Effective treatment of this condition is possible diabetic at an early stage. Thus, it is important to know all the warning signs before consulting the doctor.

1 - Type 2 diabetes primarily when there is a body's resistance to insulin. This happens when the appropriate response is not given by the body tissues to insulin. Thus, glucose can not be used for energy. Pancreas is responsible for producing more insulin. In addition, more glucose is released from the liver to increase the amount available.

2 - The symptoms of type 2 diabetes are becoming very popular because the number of diabetics is increasing. The fundamental reason for this increase is poor eating habits and lack of exercise. Thus, the number of obese people is increasing. One of the main causes of diabetes is obesity.

3 - The symptoms of type 2 diabetes in men are more or less similar to type 2 diabetes. In addition, cuts and bruises take time to heal. Skin infections recur again and again.

4 - The feet and hands may feel numb. The vision will be blurred.

5 - People with diabetes have no symptoms. However, as Type 2 diabetes develops, it is time for diagnosis. The development of symptoms varies from person to person. The main symptoms of type 2 diabetes are frequent urination and increased thirst.

6 - If the main signs of type 2 diabetes are reported to the doctor, various tests will be conducted to determine the state. Diagnose diabetes is very difficult because the symptoms are very widespread. Various other conditions may also result.

7 - Another important sign of type 2 diabetes is blurred vision. Fluids will be removed from fabrics. This includes eye glasses, and very difficult to concentrate. In some cases, it can result in blindness.

8 - Another common symptom is the slow healing of infections. This is because when glucose levels are high, white blood cells that are responsible for infections of healing does not work well. At these moments, the bugs that cause infections thrive.