29 February 2012

Cancer Facts and Introspection

Facts on Cancer

Cancer awareness is a group of diseases described as an uncontrolled growth and spread of irregular cells. If not managed, it can cause death. Cancer is the second most frequent reason of death in the U.S. exceeded only by heart disease. Anyone can develop cancer, but is most often diagnosed in people 55 years of age and older. It is treated by surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, hormone therapy, biological therapy and targeted therapy. A phenomenal amount of 226.8 billion dollars is the sum total calculated cancer in 2007.

The American Cancer Society found in Cancer Facts and Figures 2005 report that, "Approximately 5% to 10% of all cancers are clearly hereditary, for the reason that an inherited genetic alteration predisposes the person to a risk very high for certain cancers. "

In their case, he expressed in 2010 after five years, and with all the developments, about 5% of all cancers are clearly genetic, for the reason that a hereditary genetic modification confers a very high risk of developing a number of specific types of cancer. "


There are two points of concern that I would draw to your attention. First, a 5% clearly slipped to 10% at a 5% strongly within five years. Their research convinced them that even though more Americans are now identified with cancer daily, it is believed that fewer come from hereditary factors.

Second, if only 5% of most cancers are hereditary, which is responsible for 95% of the rest of the cancer diagnosis. I found these alarming figures, and there seems no real organization trying to find answers.

It is shown that the use of cigarettes is very dangerous for the body and can cause cancer and many other afflictions. In fact, the American Cancer Society reports that in 2012 nearly 173,200 cancer deaths will be the result of smoking. Yes, I personally think it is true that being overweight or obese, physical inactivity and poor diet can bring on medical problems. Some cancers can be connected with hepatitis B, human papillomavirus (HPV), HIV, Epstien Barr, and Helicobactor pylorie. Although 95% is a large and all of these issues are not the 95%.

According cancer dot org, in 2012 alone, there are over one million new cancer cases expected in a clinical diagnosis, and this does not include carcinoma in situ. Nearly 500,000 of them are projected to die at a rate of 1,500 per day.

We must begin to assess what is happening in our nation, or which is the production of the entire population of cancer. Looks like we're on a path of slow suicide and we did not even realize it. We Americans live in a beautiful "Land of milk and honey." We have many things at your fingertips and sometimes become complacent. Nevertheless, it is a part of this milk and honey to kill us? What is in our environment that our body can be caused to spread of abnormal cells (cancer cells), as opposed to the generation of healthy cells?