29 February 2012

How Can I Help Cancer Patients?

Many people ask, "How can I help cancer patients?" I often asked myself this question, trying to find the best way to help those who fight against cancer. The truth is that there is no better way to help patients with cancer, however, there are several that are just as good.

How can I help cancer patients? Answer # 1 - If you have funds to donate to charities of cancer so it can be something you should do. There are many different charities cancer valid there, many try to help people with specific types of cancer. If you do not have a specific type of cancer you feel strongly about you might want to donate to a charity like the broader American Cancer Society. This charity dealing with cancer as a whole and takes many tasks associated with this horrible disease.

How can I help cancer patients? Answer # 2 - If you do not have extra funds to donate to charities for cancer, then you can give your time. You can find a local chapter of a charitable organization in your area and volunteers are things that must be done to help cancer patients in your area. This is a rewarding way to engage your community and meet people affected by cancer. Just you being there will boost the morale of cancer patients in a way huge!

How can I help cancer patients? Answer # 3 - Make them laugh! I know you might think it's a little strange to say since people with cancer are, mostly, very angry about their condition, but the best medicine is laughter!

There have been many studies showing the health benefits of laughter to many. I will list some here: stimulate the immune system and circulatory system, improving the oxygen supply, stimulate the heart and lungs, relax the muscles throughout the body, trigger the release of endorphins (body's natural painkillers), aid digestion and calms stomach pain, relieve pain, balance blood pressure, and improve mental function (ie, vigilance, memory, creativity). And again, the best medicine is laughter! As you can see how a laugh cancer patient will not only make them happier, but will improve their bodies and physical condition.

How can I help cancer patients? Answer # 4 - You can help your local charity Cancer raise money for research against cancer. Get the word out about a fundraiser is perhaps just the ticket for you to get involved to help people with cancer.

How can I help cancer patients? Answer # 5 - Join a group or website that is willing to donate to cancer research if you join! This can be a win-win situation for you and cancer patients who pray for a cure is found. This is an easy way for you to help cancer patients, without having to spend money you may not be able to afford spending. In addition, you will be able to support and contribute to the group or website you join. Sometimes, just listen to the experiences of someone with cancer goes through is enough to help in a huge way.

Now you have the knowledge and never have to ask yourself: "How can I help cancer patients?" Again. It is now time to make a difference and act on any way you decide to support this which is best for you. You can even decide to contribute to a combination of means!