29 February 2012

Does Cell Phone Communication Cause Cancer - What If We Reversed the Cause and Effect?

There have been many studies on the effects of microwave frequencies from cell phones on the brain. Many studies seem to be mysteriously inconclusive, while others show a clear pattern of evidence suggesting that there are health problems, especially some research studies show Swiss risks of brain cancer and tumors - obviously, this is not good. Is there a way to counter the cause and effect? Well, it might be, so let me explain a couple of my theories on the subject.

First, we might be able to cancel the frequency waves to cell phone towers by the doubling-up similar frequencies, and this might actually help human health, and I think scientists can be able to understand such a system one day - national health techniques of frequency delivered to your body by communication frequencies room all around us every day.

Secondly, I noticed a very interesting article the other day on Kurzweil "Accelerating Intelligence" new line entitled, "Photoacoustic device found cancer cells before they become tumors", posted January 9, 2012 by editor. The article stated;

"University of Missouri researchers are one step closer to the detection of melanoma cancer at the cellular level, long before tumors have a chance to form -" Using a small blood sample, our device and method provide earlier diagnosis for cancers of aggressive melanoma "and" We compare the detection method of watching an eight-lane highway full of white compact car. In our tests, the cancer cells look like a black 18-wheeler. "

Okay, now hang with me as I describe my idea. You see, rather than allowing unwanted waves to cause cancer, perhaps we can understand using wave communication detect it, or maybe we can use the smart camera phones as digital micro-cameras range that can send information to a central cloud data to scan the blood sample and whether something like the analogy of the "Black 18-Wheeler" on this road?

What I am saying is that I am pro-cell communication, as long as we talk about things at the cellular level, perhaps we can identify the virus, diseases, abnormalities, and cancer then stop at the roadblock near protect human biosystem. It would certainly save on hospital costs, and I bet the health insurance companies, and the federal government would like. We taxpayers could be quite satisfied with the results as well. Okay so, this is my thought for the day - what's yours? Please consider all this and think about it.