29 February 2012

The Solution to Cancer, Treat the Cause And Not Just the Effect

Surviving cancer is all about to acquire knowledge and learn how the body itself can fight against the disease. It must give an absolute sense to everyone that the body can heal itself as it does with food much we suffer, if given the necessary support. The human body is an amazing, because it has a self-healing system and all you have to do is to correct the factors that caused the cancer to appear.

Why are we not informed of this way of treating cancer? Treatments today are in place because they are all very good at making money. The reason so many people die because of the problem is that cancer is a deficiency disease, and it is not a drug or treatment for this problem. It is because of our modern way of living with our artificial foods, chemicals we use and our sedentary lifestyle.

One hundred years ago cancer was a rare disease while today in developed countries, it is affecting one in three during their life. Ask yourself what happened during those hundred years and answer our food has changed, we no longer do the exercise that the needs of the human body, and the chemicals we have now without the want to use. Those are the main causal factors that will bring a cancer diagnosis.

Many people believe that cancer develops without reason, but this is not true. All cancers are caused by how we live today, but because of our ignorance and the fact that we do not have cancer prevention, we are required to fully ignorant of the many products we use are known to cause the problem.

Removing the growth with only three traditional treatments do not solve the problem. Cancer will develop only when our immune system was weakened allowing normal body cells to grow without control and become cancerous. The growth itself is just a symptom so that the only way to solve the problem is to remove the cause of the symptom. When you do what the body self-healing using the body's natural ability to repair itself.

It is well known that cancer is a total body disease, where growth is simply a sign that something is wrong. Numerous studies have shown that the tumor could not be cured 40 years ago still can not be cured with conventional treatments today. Why natural cancer treatments work so well is because they address the root cause of the problem throughout the body. Once the causes are identified, by reversing cancer is a simple question.

If we had been told the truth about cancer, we could then make important decisions with our treatment options. Patients deserve to know the truth and be able to make choices based on authentic information. Unfortunately this is not the case today.