29 February 2012

How to Prevent Chemotherapy Side Effects and Cancer Cells Building a Resistance to Chemo

Thousands of people each year undergo chemotherapy and the struggle with side effects of chemotherapy. I know first hand that I was the primary caregiver for my mother who died in 1997 from breast primary and secondary bone cancer. The mother experienced nausea from chemotherapy was so bad over a period of six months, she could not even drink a few sips of water without vomiting. The watch that his son was heartbreaking and she vomited every time I was there beside her rubbing her back to let him know that someone cared.

What I did not know then there were substances available that could have prevented this scene unfold and perhaps even extend the life of my mother. The substance I will discuss in this article is Graviola or Paw-Paw Cell-Reg. If you plan to chemotherapy and are reluctant to undergo this treatment because of common side effects of nausea, hair loss, fatigue (general malaise and loss of energy) and joint pain, then you might consider take capsules Graviola or Paw-Paw Cell Reg. I run a site well known alternative healing cancer and have received comments from those who took Graviola or Paw-Paw Court cellular capsules for this purpose. A lady who sent me explained that she started chemo first and felt so ill with side effects that she gave up. She then told about capsules Graviola and started taking them and started a new course of chemotherapy. She wrote in her email after being on chemo for a month she had no side effects at all, and that others around her and the medical establishment were shocked.

Many studies have been conducted on Graviola / Paw-Paw and its healing properties, including a Purdue University in the United States where Graviola / Paw-Paw (also known as Annona muricata) has been shown to kill cancer cells, fungi, parasites, and stimulate the immune system. Dr. Jerry McLaughlin, lead researcher at Purdue University said that cancer cells develop a protein pump to expel much of the chemotherapy agent before they can work, and that the "annona chemical" in Graviola / Paw-Paw bypass and this kills the cancer cell. The "chemical annona" found in Graviola / Paw-Paw prevents cancer cells from turning on the pump protein that would otherwise have expelled the chemotherapy drug. This would lead one to believe that Graviola / Paw-Paw is not only a supplement healing much of his own in the fight against cancer, as importantly, it compliments and supports the action of chemotherapy to do its job. Usually the cancer cells develop resistance to these chemicals chemo after 2-3 months of use and produce MDR (multi-drug resistant cells) and that often means chemotherapy can be used once or twice. Graviola / Paw-Paw prevents cancer cells from building this resistance means chemotherapy can be used multiple times and extend the life of cancer patients.