29 February 2012

Why the Best Medicine Is Laughter and Laugh Therapy Is the Tool to Achieve It

The best medicine is laughter? You got it! It is difficult to realize what a good laugh can do, but when you laugh it can do wonderful things.

Laughter therapy has been used historically, and health benefits have even been known since biblical times. Surgeons used humor to distract patients from pain during surgery all the way back to the thirteenth century.

There is a famous story of a man named Norman Cousins ​​using laughter therapy to treat themselves. Mr. Cousins ​​has used a system that has made laughter and vitamins to treat a potentially fatal disease unknown. According to Mr. Cousins ​​book, "Anatomy of an Illness" he wrote that having a real good laugh for 10 minutes had an anesthetic effect on his body and mind.

There is no scientific evidence that laughter can cure any disease, but laughter has many health benefits for both mind and body. Laughter therapy gives rise to positive change and a sense of physical well-being.

In scientific studies of laughter increased pain tolerance. It seems that laughter increases the amount of endorphins to be released in the brain, which are natural chemicals to control the pain that the body produces. Other studies have shown that hormones released during stress decreased while people laughed.

The studies provide evidence that the best medicine is laughter trying to reduce pain and stress. Laughter also stimulates the circulatory system, immune system, and other body systems.

Laughter therapy is used today more than ever, because we realize how important it is good for us. More and more hospitals and treatment have arranged special rooms with funny material for the sole reason to laugh more and more patients.

Hospitals use funny movies, audio recordings, books, games, puzzles and help spur laughter patients. Some hospitals even offer laughter therapy sessions. They meet with patients to tell jokes, watch clowns and funny movies together.

Patients report such laughter therapy sessions make them feel much better. They even say they feel healthy when they laugh. Patients feel to take control of their lives while they are laughing, it's like kicking cancer out the door.

We should all take time from our busy schedules to relax and laugh a good 10 minutes a day. When you finish the feeling you get is worth taking time each day. Laughter therapy is going nowhere and it is becoming increasingly popular as time goes along. Many consider the best medicine is laughter because of the lack of side effects compared to health benefits compared to traditional drugs!