24 February 2012

Remarkable Expedition of Kanha National Park

India is unique in the richness and diversity of its vegetation and wildlife. National Parks of India, wildlife sanctuaries and bird sanctuaries are in circulation. Wildlife tours in India are one of the exciting excursions of the country. This tour includes a great pleasure and amusement. Each year many people visit India from around the world. Travelers visiting the country for the famous wildlife reserves. They also like to enjoy nature and the whole atmosphere of the forest. The ultimate jungle greenery attracts tourists and forcing them to enjoy more.

Some of the important shrines of India Kanha National Park, Bandhavgarh National Park, Jim Corbett Tiger Reserve, Ranthambore National Park and Gir National Park, etc. In all these places tourists will find rare species and the various known animals. Different sounds of the species and greenery instead of forcing tourists to explore the place most pleasant and fun as possible.
Among all these national parks Kanha National Park is famous for its tiger reserves. Kanha National Park is the rainforest Sal. He was the first tiger reserve under Project Tiger. The place consists of the amazing flora and fauna. To travel in the park, it is risky to move here and there, as he is not sure whether to take the jeep to explore. This is a habitat for over 100 tigers in India.

The fauna of the area includes sloth bear, spotted dear, wild boar, leopard, striped hyena, jungle cat, jackal and a variety of monkeys. Apart from the animals of over 200 spices of birds are spotted in the park. There are many luxurious resorts are also where people can get some rest after exploring the park. People need to visit one of the best locations in the Dadar place ie Bamni which is also known as the point of sunset. All these experiences make people surely an adventure lover too.

With 96 national parks in India and over 500 wildlife sanctuaries, the range and diversity of the heritage of the country's wildlife is unmatched. People who want to experience a little fun, they have to visit national parks and sanctuaries. We must take pleasure in all activities in the jungle to go around wonderful and unforgettable.

We must make a plan to visit Kanha National Park with their families to have fun and experience new things. We must seize all the beautiful memories of their tour to cherish for a long life.