24 February 2012

Thrust Plate Plays a Role of Insurance for Jaw Crusher

Jaw crusher is widely used in metallurgy stone mining industry,, building materials, highway, railway, water conservation and chemical industries. Other material with compressive strength less than 320MPa can be crushed. This series of jaw crusher can reach the reduction ratio of 4-6 and the shape of final product is even. Because it is primary crusher, jaw crusher is designed for long service life with minimal maintenance for the hard, hard, abrasive and high overload capacity.

He thrust plate is also known as switches, in addition to transmitting the power to move jaw plate back and forth, but it also has a security role as insurance, to change its length may also play a role in the regulation of the discharge mouth.

When there is material that can not be overridden in the cavity (eg, iron balls, iron, etc.) to protect equipment against damage, the thrust plate is used as a rear unit Insurance mill. The pusher plate is generally back with cast iron as a whole, an open slot or a number of holes cross-section to reduce its intensity, it can also cast with two parts and then use screws to connect together to form a combination pusher plate. When things can not be broken in the grinding chamber, the equipment overload, broken rose to great power the thrust plate and thrust plate to break or cause a combination thrust plate screw cutting, the machine has stopped working, so it plays a role of insurance.

That the wear and tear constant tooth plate, mouth discharge become progressively larger, the production output becoming thicker, to obtain a qualified product size, need to periodically adjust the size of mouth discharge. Unloading adjustment methods of operation are mainly the following two:

(1) Adjustment joint, which is after the plate thrust bearing between the posterior wall of the back seat and put a rack pads, change pads or change the number of its thickness, we can achieve the purpose of regulating the discharge mouth. This method is compact, adjustable, dependable crusher, high, medium or large jaw size using this means of adjustment.
(2) for adjusting the corner, the thrust plate is placed between the seat and two rear corner of the adjustment rack, which is suitable for small jaw crusher.