29 February 2012

There Would Be A Lot Less Cancer If Everyone Drove a Tesla

Sometimes it surprises me how as a collecting society, we ignore our homes, our bodies and our planet when it comes to maintenance and regular maintenance of them. I witnessed first hand, the houses are cleaned on average about once a month or even two months or more. First, it is pure negligence, right out dirty and certainly sickening. With regard to our bodies go, people after the age of 17 years (in most cases) decrease dramatically the amount of vigorous physical activity they participate in. Smoking, alcohol and drugs do not mix well either in with the lifestyles we choose to lead.

We live in the 21st century, guys! Do the alarming increase in cancer rates worldwide scare anyone but me? Has anyone besides me realize that we live in a gigantic "hotbox"? At times I wonder with amazement how we can neglect our planet to the extent to which it is a hungry continent. Europe and America wrapped in smog, smoke and pollution. I live in Vancouver, British Columbia. It is regarded as the coolest in terms of air quality and water quality in all of North America. Yet still, when I go downtown, I sometimes have to hold my breath because of the exhaust from vehicles on the streets.

I am almost certain that there would be a lot less cancer if everyone drives a Tesla. Imagine, your city free of pollution from cars and trucks possibly buses. You can feel the fresh air fill your lungs when you breathe. You feel more energetic and awake during the day, sleep better at night. You stay healthy all the time with food and water you ingest is cleaner, there is less run-off oil and gas. Is not this how we should be alive? This is the year two thousand twelve! People need to start waking up and make changes as a collecting society. Why not use hemp for paper, clothing and building materials. Our Earth is a living body. First of all we pollute the air in the bubble of the atmosphere that we receive, we pollute the vein and arteries and organs (rivers, streams, ponds, lakes and oceans).

Then we cut and destroy our planets lungs by cutting down all trees and forests! I am most positive that if we start making changes as a society, one by one, the rest of corporate time and manufacturers need only follow our example, because we create demand and are job is to provide!