05 March 2012

Betta Fish Facts

Betta fish or Betta Splendens or Siamese fighting fish are native to the land of Thailand, Vietnam, China, and other related areas. They were first spotted in Cambodia, Thailand. In fact, Cambodia used to be known as Siam, hence the name Siamese fighting fish. They are called the fight against the fish, because they are extremely territorial. Males can not be kept together, because all they do is going to fight until one or both are seriously injured. Betta fish can reach three inches are famous for their long flowing fins.

You can choose a betta fish right away in a tank because they look like something completely different from other fish. A betta fish is usually in shades of blue, red, purple, or sometimes even white. How to spot a male is because males are more vibrant color and their fins are longer. Females also have some vertical stripes when healthy. If you think you might be looking at a female betta fish in the pet store, but do not see any scratches, you may want to think again about buying one because it is probably sick. Betta fish prefer to eat live food, but flakes or frozen food will be just as well.

Why are betta fish so popular as a pet? Well the first thing that will attract a lover to betta fish aquarium is the way they look. They have rich colors and dramatic fins. Their size is not bad either, as they are much smaller. Bettas also have a separate personaility. They wag their tails like a puppy and acting as cute. Remember, they have a mind of their own good. To see the true personality of the betta, he must be happy.

When betta fish are happy and healthy, you will notice they are playful and they move with such grace. Unhappy and unhealthy betta fish moves very slowly and very depressing. As there are many betta fish are breeded specifically for certain colors that are not traditional colors, you'll find that you will soon be collecting these beauties. The only thing is that you must give them space and also a sufficient pool surface area. The space of the surface is important because betta fish can not breathe while in water, but they breathe directly from the surface.

When it comes to betta fish, you need to know there are only a few things to keep in mind. First, you must keep in mind the temperature. You must keep the tank between 75f-85F. Ammonia levels are sometimes feared. Often, new tanks will tank build high levels of ammonia, which kill or make sick fish. This is easily taken care of if you just make sure that the tank is washed properly and the water is changed on a regular basis. If the water is good, then your betta fish will surely live their full lifespan of two to three years. They might even live-plus with proper care.