05 March 2012

Facts About Wolves

This article will present 6 fascinating facts about wolves, which most people go wrong.

1) Most people think that members of a wolf pack cooperate when hunting. This is observed to be incorrect.

2) It is a common misconception that wolves tend to live in packs with a fixed structure with an "alpha male", and frequent challenges to his rule, etc. It is an erroneous view of the wolf society.

The real fact is that a wolf pack is usually a single breeding pair and their children, so that a wolf pack is more properly described as a "nuclear family" as a hierarchical structure.

The common concept of the company of wolves. . . a hierarchy where the less dominant wolf will challenge and move the animals high-level is far from the truth. So the interesting question is how people get the facts so wrong?

The answer is that people assumed that wolves independent forced to live together in captivity have the same behavior as the natural wolf packs, and it turns out to be far from the truth.

3) Many people think that a pack of wolves will take place over long distances while hunting, killing the animal of prey by the tire. This is incorrect. . . most hunts wolf will stop after 10 to a 180 meters, although sometimes the wolves will run very long distances after prey. . . a wolf was seen running 36 km in the hunt, but it's not typical at all.

4) The wolves will almost never attack an animal unless it shows signs of fear or fled.

5) Another common point of view improper hunting of wolves is that large prey animals can be killed by large packs of wolves. This is not accurate at all. . . a lone wolf on its own was seen several times to hunt and kill animals very great success.

6) Many people assume that "the wolf" is a distinct species, when in fact it is another name for the "gray wolf".