02 March 2012

How to Cook Hot Dogs

Grilled hot dogs are great, especially when trying to have a light lunch or even for birthday child. Kids love hot dogs, and we can really make these hotdogs interesting. Simple foods and nutrition are the best when it comes to children, especially the birthday parties that children tend to lose more than they eat.

Here are the 3 best ways to grill hot dogs for children's parties as well as Sunday brunch.

• Depending on how many children you have to feed, you must buy enough or Vienna sausages so that each child can have two parts. Just by the way there are also vegetarian sausages, which are really tasty.

• The other ingredients are rolls of hot dogs, sweet mustard, tomato sauce and a light tomato and onion mix, dried fruit and some skewers

• Set up the grill and make sure you use the eco friendly charcoal and firelighters. The grid should not be too hot, as in Vienna and good sausage quickly and tend to burn if the grid is too hot.

• Cut rolls in half and butter. Use your designer that you use to ice cakes with ice, fill with tomato sauce first and then decorate each roll with a pattern fancy tomato sauce inside. Whatever you're done, then clean the glass decorator and fill it with sweet mustard. Forming another decorative motif next to the tomato sauce. Place the rolls on the tray.

• Soak skewers in water for 20 minutes. Cut sausages into segments, skewer a piece of sausage and a piece of dried fruit and a piece of sausage. Fill halfway skewer.

• When ready, place them on the grill for about 10 minutes. Make sure you do not dry them. Once they are done then place in Vienna on the rolls and serve.