02 March 2012

How to Grow Grass

The most important plants that are grown in a garden are grass. The grass has a good effect and other plants can be added to enhance the effect of a beautiful garden. There is nothing more beautiful than a beautiful, landscaped area of ​​grass.

There are many ways for planting grass. It may be more by the spread of seeds or by transplanting sections of grass. Since there are many types of grass, a decision on the type of grass to be grown is the most advanced point. The type of grass chosen depends on the climate in which they prefer to grow. Once the type of grass and planting method is understood, you can start with the process of growing grass.

Before planting grass, the land on which the grass to be grown should be well prepared. It is advisable to remove weeds or patches of dead grass. Also ensure that any vermin or grub infestations that destroyed the previous lawn are removed. Turn the soil to disturb the soil and add a new layer, the high quality soil. This mixture of both the old and the new ground and with a tiller or a cultivator both soil types can be mixed properly. This helps spread the nutrients from the soil evenly and also contributes to better growth of grass.

Great care must be taken while placing the grass. Either spread the seeds or to put section of grass in the way they are close together and cover the lawn like a carpet. Use a spreader or sprinkle the seeds by hand so that a sufficient area of ​​the yard is covered. Cover the seeds of grass with a layer of straw because it helps keep the seeds from flying away or be taken by birds and pests.

Avoid over-watering and crating puddles because it would spoil grass growth. In such a situation, it is preferable to use a sprinkler system. If the weather is warm, it is necessary to water the grass in the morning and evening. You can see the new grass growing in smaller and visible division between the sections of grass in a matter of 10 to 14 days. At this point, you can water the lawn every other day and also at the same time, monitoring the growth of grass. Once the grass grows to about 2 inches, you can cut it. Remove weeds and fertilize the grass so that it is the kind of nutrients needed for normal growth.