04 March 2012

Types of Coffee

Coffee is one of the most popular beverages worldwide and is sold in a variety of different styles, tastes and brands. Despite all this variety when it comes down to it, all different types come from only two different types of beans: Arabica beans and Robusta coffee beans. The flavor of the beans is then decided on where they come from and how they are prepared.

Arabica coffee beans

The Arabica beans are the type of grain which is most commonly used. In fact all three of the four cups of coffee made from Arabica coffee beans. Of the two types of beans, they are considered the best beans with more flavor. Arabica beans are grown mainly in Central and South America, and Africa, but can be grown throughout the world. These beans are used to make coffee types commonly made in cafes and coffee at home.

Robusta coffee beans

The Robusta can be grown throughout the world and are much easier to increased Arabica coffee beans. This type is used in about 25% of coffee types and are most often found in instant coffee, freeze-dried coffee and coffee blends. It's cheaper than the other type of beans and they type is commonly used in restaurants. The Robusta beans also caffeine twice as much as you can find in Arabica coffee beans, making them popular for some people.

How are different flavors Made

Since all types of coffee come from only two different types of beans, there are other factors that cause the difference in taste. Where they are grown makes a difference how the coffee will taste. South American coffee will taste very different from beans grown in Europe. The best ones are grown at altitudes higher than 3,000 feet above sea level. The type of roast also make a difference in how the taste of coffee. Generally, the longer the roasting deeper and richer the flavor will be.

How different types of coffee are prepared plays a major role in how the coffee will taste. Espresso, for example will not taste like a latte, even if the same type of beans are used. How long the coffee is prepared, if the cream is added or not and if chocolate or liquor are added will all make a difference on how the cut of coffee tastes.