25 April 2013

Penis Rash - Symptoms Causes and Warning Signs

Spots, bumps and rashes on the penis skin are common. In most cases, they are harmless, although they may cause embarrassment and discomfort. All men should be aware of the symptoms associated with penis rash. However, self-diagnosis of penis skin conditions is never a good idea. Penis rash symptoms that are accompanied by swelling, oozing, bleeding or fever should be seen by a medical professional. In addition, treating the skin of the glans and shaft with a health formula containing penis-specific vitamins and minerals may help to clear up minor skin rashes, keep the penis free of harmful microbes and prevent the appearance of rashes on the penis.

Penis rash symptoms that all men should watch for

The following list describes some of the most common types of penis rashes, as well as what causes them and how they are treated. This list is not comprehensive, and other causes of red penis skin and rash may be indicated.

• Psoriasis - This common skin condition often presents as a red, scaly rash on the penis with a defined border. While it is not contagious and cannot be transmitted to a sexual partner, it can cause discomfort and embarrassment. Psoriasis is often treated with vitamin A, or retinol, which is often effective for restoring the skin's naturally smooth tone and texture.

• Balanitis - A red, itchy rash on the glans of the penis may be caused by an inflammatory condition known as balanatis. While uncircumcised men are at greatest risk for this disorder, it may also be associated with poor hygiene in circumcised men. Regular bathing, wearing loose-fitting, breathable clothing and treating the penis skin with a preparation of vitamins and natural moisturizers is generally all that is needed to clear up penis rashes related to balanitis.

• Penile papules - A small percentage of men, usually uncircumcised, may develop a series of dome-shaped bumps around the crown of the penis. These are benign and usually resolve on their own. However, supporting penis skin health through use of a vitamin and antioxidant formula can help to create smooth, soft and supple penis skin by boosting the body's natural healing abilities.

• Fungal Infections - Fungal infections are common in the genital area, as these microorganisms thrive in this warm, moist environment. Yeast infections, caused by the same fungus responsible for feminine yeast infections, may cause a red, itchy rash and can be transmitted to a sexual partner. Jock itch, another type of fungal infection, may also present as a red, spreading rash that can cause severe itching. Keeping the area clean and dry and treating the skin with a combination of vitamins A, C and B5, which have natural immune-boosting properties and speed healing of damaged skin cells, is recommended to assist in preventing fungal infections of the penis.

• Skin allergies and sensitivities - Men who have a latex sensitivity may develop a severe rash that itches or burns after contact with a latex condom. In addition, the chemicals in soaps, detergents, deodorants and fragrances often cause skin irritation, which may lead to itching, swelling and rash on the penis. Avoiding substances which are known to cause adverse reactions and treating the skin with a nutrient formula which supports skin health can help to soothe irritated skin and promote rapid healing.

Avoiding penis rash

Men who are prone to penis rash should follow these steps to avoid uncomfortable and embarrassing breakouts of the penis skin:

1. Shower or bathe regularly - once a day is recommended - using an all-natural cleanser without fragrances or dyes. The area should be dried thoroughly before dressing, and breathable, non-binding fabrics are best.

2. Moisturize regularly - using a natural moisturizer such as shea butter - to prevent drying and irritation which may lead to skin rash and other minor skin damage.

3. Men who are allergic to latex or rubber should avoid latex condoms. Most retailers who sell condoms offer a selection of non-latex materials, as this skin sensitivity is quite common.

4. Make using a penis vitamin crème containing essential nutrients such as vitamins A, B5, C, D, and E, as well as amino acids for nerve and immune health, a part of the daily penis care routine.

Effective penile rash treatment for all skin types

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24 April 2013

Saree Blouse Designs: How to Choose the Most Flattering Saree Blouse

Saree Blouse designs keep changing with the fashion trends. Several designs are available in sari blouses like halter neck, blouses spaghetti straps, tie-up, big bow back, shoulder single low wide neck, style and other pastry. Sari color and fabric should be chosen according to your size, figure and complexion. The beauty of saris depends on another factor, drawings blouse. This is why women choose their gowns with the utmost care. Blouse misnomer can destroy the image of a perfect Indian sari and all your efforts to look attractive can go in vain.

As sarees, blouses designs should be chosen according to the height and figure. Almost all models blouse look beautiful on women with curves well toned bodies or thin. These drawings are not necessarily look good on women plumpy. More size women should not wear any type of gown and be cautious while investing in designer sari blouses. Here we will discuss the different designs saree blouse such suit different figures and heights.

Circular or square neck blouses look great on tall women. Women should wear short blouses oval or rectangular shape of the neck. The depth of the neck should be based on your comfort level.

High passes blouses look good on women with long necks and thin, but women who are short blouses must avoid high color. Ladies who have very long necks should avoid styles V-shaped neck and U. Halter neck blouses are fashionable and stylish and look great on thin women. Halter neck design with a halter v-back are very famous among Bollywood actresses. Thin or slender women also wear blouses spaghetti straps. They are very bold to wear, but if you are comfortable enough in these gowns, so they can give you a very sensual look. Ladies with thin arms should try blouses with puffed sleeves.

V-neck blouses are best for women with short neck and thick. V-neck are classic designs saree blouses that make you look thinner. PLUS Size Ladies must wear long-sleeved blouses and avoid sleeves. Long sleeved gowns are traditional and go well with all kinds of sarees. If you wear a sari embroidered heavy or stone, you should wear a long-sleeved gown simple. Sleeve length depends on your choice. If you can mix the V-neck, V-back and long sleeves so that nothing may suit you better than that. Wide neck blouses also give you a slimmer look.

You have many choices in sarees saree blouse and drawings. All you have to do is choose the one that is right for you. Choose the one that is in the style you want and what is most comfortable for you. We are all beautiful, but the most beautiful aspect is the look of confidence.

23 April 2013

Testimonial Samples for Student and Employee

A testimony can increase the chances of getting the job. As there is a strong competition between candidates, almost all candidates work requires evidence for the position. Have relevant experience under your belt, you must show that you have proven your skills in an organization. You can ask your former employee to provide testimony of your services. If you are a student, then a director / dean can provide testimony. Here are the stories such as the two that can help you stand out from the crowd.

A testimonial letter sample. (As an employee)

An experience certificate

To whom it may concern

This is to certify that (NAME) had one in our (JOB TITLE) from START DATE (YEAR) to the end date (AN). During this period he / she has worked with diligence and honesty. His / her temperament kindness, sincerity of purpose and honesty in the absorption assigned work are some of the commendable traits of his personality that makes him love us.

Through his / her work and lead us satisfied. He / she has a strong moral character. He / she has left our farm not due to a constraint on our part, but because of his own accord.


(Stamp and signature)

Second testimonial letter sample. (As a student)

Testimony of an educational institution

This is to certify that (name) s / o (NAME) was a renowned player and student of our institution from START DATE (YEAR) to the end date (AN), then he is a graduate of our school earn one of the top positions in business. He / She ranks first in B. Com.

About his contribution to the sport, we hereby affirm that won praise more than one certificate in various sporting events. He excelled in badminton and hockey. It is quite laborious and intelligent youth. We can categorically say it will prove out to be an asset to any company where a position of trust and responsibility being offered.

I wish him every success in his life.


(Stamp and signature of the College)

An admission of the contractor Major subcontractor employees



Company Name


Dear (Name),

Earlier this year, we had the pleasure to work with you and your company on a project (Project name) for our company. I am writing this letter to you to express my great satisfaction with the quality of work and quality of people in your company because this project. You have been extremely helpful to our first telephone conversation through completion. Everything worked immediately and I'm happy with how things turned out. Please pass on our thanks to all your team members. Do not hesitate to use us as a reference.

We wish you the best,